Here is the list-too-large of PC's and systems I am currently running.  I will try and add some pics when necessary.


Dell Inspiron 9100
IBM T-40 – Work issued
IBM-240X -  Real RS-232 and super small, perfect for doing remote Cisco work in an IDF far,far, away…


            Intel P4 Core 2 Duo E7200 OC’ed to 4.X GHz, Gigabyte UD3P (DDR2 model) 8GB OCZ Reaper-X 5-5-5-15@2.1v XFX 9800 GX2 (600MHz core)
            Koolance cooled liquid system – CPU, MOSFET’s, North+South Bridge, RAM Cooled with a Dominator RAM fan (I have the liquid coolers, but they don’t fit)

            Intel D875PBZ System with a 3.2 512k reference system

            AMD A8NSLI-Deluxe System with AMD Athlon 64 4800+ OCZ DDR400 2-3-3-5 4GB worth 8800GT 512MB


            I have a Dual Xeon 3.06 533FSB Supermicro X5DA8 SCSI Version on Koolance Liquid

Internet Routers:

            DLINK DGL-4300
            Linksys WRT54 with DD-WRT – TMOBILE model 8/32MB @ 225MHz
            Some Vonage Router that came with the service


            Dell 2716 Core + Edge via VLANs