SSD experiments

12/15/2008 – Read about my 4 SSD’s from OCZ that I used in a RAID-0 array – 450MB/s reads and 300MB/s writes!!! Yikes!

12/12/2008 – I have ordered a a SATA to CF adapter, so hopefully the interface will not be the limit… test coming soon!

8/22/2008 - Testing the new 350x CF Card from A-data

8/01/2008 -Note, you need to check the speed, because not all CF cards are the same.  Transcend make blue, green, red, and black colored cards in which each color represents a different speed.  I bought the black-16GB card which is rated at 300X and supports UDMA5 and use as a hard drive.

    133X                233X                    300X

With the cost of SSD's coming down, and with CF cards going to 300X and using UDMA5, I decided it was time to try a few things.  So I went to Newegg and bought an adapter, CF to 44-pin laptop IDE.  The adapter was around $12, and supported 3.3v and 5v.  This is important because you need to be able to set the adapter to 3.3v for UDMA5.  From testing, the reads seems the same around 48MBs with HD tune, and 53MBs with HD Tach.  UDMA4 I would get writes from the File-write test up to 20MBs, when I switched the jumper and went to UDMA5 writes went to 27MBs.

Here are my Benchmarks:


Here is the only test I noticed a big difference between UDMA4 and UDMA5:

UDMA5 - 3.3volt                                                                                                                         UDMA4 - 5volt

Here is the screen when the disk is in UDMA4 mode:

                                                                                                                                                                    Notice the reads are not effected much by UDMA4 vs UDMA5.

Here is my test setup:


Dell Inspiron 9100 w/ 3.4 Extreme Edition Intel CPU(Gallatin)

RAM = 2 x 1GB PQI DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-7


HDD & Adapter = SYBA CD-to-IDE (~$15)adapter and Transcend 16GB 300x (~$170)CF Card from Newegg (Clicky to the item link)