450 MB/s Reads… 300MB/s writes, using the onboard ICH10 controller…



I saw some OCZ Solid drives on sale at Newegg for $69 inc shipping.  Considering I paid $300 for a single V Raptor drive, why not spend $280 on 4 of these 30GB units to see if they are fast?


I know the OCZ Core V2 series got a bad reputation from the inherent “lag” caused by the JMicron controller chip, or whatever the problem was.  Apparently it had something to do with random writes, the smaller the worse the problem was.  Basically, anything you tried to do in Windows would cause a 1-3 second delays.  I saw this on someone else’s drive and it was very annoying.


Well, I think the Solid series is the OCZ core V3.  They were smart to change the name since the Core V2 had so many issues.  I am very happy with my drives, and very impressed with the numbers.  I can’t wait to test these drives on a real controller!


The specs from HD tune:

The read test:



Not really impressive.  My 4 V-Raptors on a Highpoint 3510 card crush this synthetic benchmark.  The tests are not equal since the controllers and much more are different.  I went to the files test and things got interesting…


Just WOW!!! Look at the numbers when moving a big 512MB file around!



Here are the file tests with smaller files, still faster than expected:




In conclusion:


These SSD’s in this array work as good as or better than the best mechanical drives.  These is NOT LAG, I repeat, no LAG!!!  IF I didn’t know better, I would think I am using a very fast hard drive.  Vista boots in about 19 seconds on my setup.  For $280 this setup seems a lot better than many other options.  I wish I could test this against the single $700 Intel SSD’s which cost more than double the cost of all these drives.

If you have the cash to do this, you will not be disappointed.




4 OCZ Solid Series OCZSSD2-1SLD30G 2.5" 30GB SATA II Solid State Disk (SSD) - Retail

Newegg Item #: N82E16820227372

Limited Non-Refundable 30-Day Return Policy

For Tech support call: 408 986 8400 or email support@ocztechnology.com  $279.96

($69.99 ea)